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Pay Per Click(PPC) Advertising

37.5 Million Indians use Google Search everyday .Google, Bing & Yahoo Search networks hold 99% of India's Internet Traffic. Through search network advertising, Lassopic can place your business in front billions of high potential customers.
HTML5 Banner Image ads are most powerful platform for retargeting your online store visiting customers’.Display advertising is a potential platform because of its huge database of cookies in billion devices across the globe, with our Lassopic ad experts. We will reach out to customers such that they buy your online product / Generate leads to your business.
Video ad platform in 2017 is most dynamic marketing strategy. Through videos, immense amount of brand awareness can be created to billions of relevant audience.
In competitive mobile app markets, Providing the best app is essential but making an app reach its relevant audience is also very essential part in mobile app market .In Lassopic we make sure your product reaches to exact customers.

Online Advertising Technologies Used

Google Adwords API
Adwords API Scripting is core & unique part of Lassopic, Our Scripts helps to automate in precise way & provides more accurate results search network & display network. Technologies used : PHP API & Javascript API.
Google Adsense PHP API Scripts are used to optimizing your monetization goals and generates precise reports.
We have Unique Bing ad automation Scripts, which helps to automate in precise way & provides more accurate results in search network. Technologies used : PHP API & Javascript API.
Facebook's Marketing APIs (ads, business manager, audience management and insights) helps to build and grow their business on Facebook. Our Scripts helps to reach millions of customers worldwide .
One of the best platforms to monetize your web or mobile app , Facebook audience network is most intuitive platform , our php scripts helps to generate high quality reports automatically.
The Best way to reach elite customers and business giants is by advertising in Linkedin which helps in making your brand truly international. There are multiple ways to promote in linkedin : Sponsored Content,Sponsored InMail & Text Ads, Grow your business with targeted ads on Linkedin.
The Ads API gives partners a way to integrate Twitter advertising management in their product. Lassopic has the ability to create their own tools to manage Twitter Ad campaigns while easily integrating into existing, cross-channel advertising management solutions.
Ecommerce websites & Mobile apps platform like amazon & filkart promotions are most trending.USP of these platforms are used in such a way you can sell your products in most trusted brand name of amazon & filpkart.


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