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Singing is a way of escaping.
It's another world.
I'm no longer on earth.

Edith Piaf



Never sung before? We are here to help! At Armstrong’s School of Singing we specialise in lessons for complete beginners. It is never too late to give singing a try. 


At Armstrong’s School of Singing we have helped many students who are simply singing for leisure and wanting to improve their voice. Singing is a natural activity after all, so why shouldn’t you be able to improve? It doesn’t matter your ability, your talent level or your goals, at Armstrong’s we’ll show you how!


At Armstrong’s School of Singing, we teach our professional singers healthy vocal development across all styles. Our lessons are designed to accomplish and maintain vocal freedom, putting an end to concerns about your range, reliability, versatility and vocal wellbeing. Whether you are a professional wanting to improve and learn how to keep your voice healthy and performance ready all year round, at Armstrong’s we can help you!

Kids & Teens

At Armstrong’s School of Singing we believe that singing for kids should be both fun and educational.

At the Armstrong’s School of Singing we believe:

  • Lessons should always be fun, encouraging and educational.
  • Singing should always be easy, healthy, honest and expressive.
  • Students should feel comfortable and free to be themselves in order to develop as an individual..
  • Everyone’s journey is different and students should be allowed to develop at their own pace.
  • Learning to sing is a joint effort between student and teacher.


Private singing lessons – beginners to advanced, all styles, any age

Performance opportunities

Holistic instruction that encourages and develops personality

A unique program that can be applied to any genre or style


Adam takes the time to analyse, correct and enhance my technique. Teaching is second nature to him with endless patience, good humour and skill. Adam has an enthusiasm for singing that is contagious – after a lesson my energy levels are high and the sense that I need to practice even higher!

– Katherine

I came to Adam in a quest to find my upper register. Since this time I’ve hit notes that were previously in the realms of fantasy for me. He’s helped me extend my normal range & encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. I still have much to work on (and the bad habits of many years to unlearn) but I’m confident that with Adam’s help I can get there

– Anne Kilmartin

Meet Our Teachers

Amanda Doe

Amanda Doe

Cameron James

Cameron James


Truly passionate about teaching and firmly believing anyone can sing well, Our Teacher applies a no-nonsense approach to vocal instruction. This perspective begins right from the fundamentals of singing and is also applied to any genre or music style he teaches.

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